The art of my life, in history

Mr. Abdellatif EZZAHIRI, CEO & founder of the JUSTART agency. Casablancais, 38 years old. I am married and the father of a little princess.

Passionate about Art and my passion was triggered at a young age obviously thanks to my mother and my school.
In elementary school, I never stopped expressing myself in pencil and in colors, Couleurs de la Vie.
I was a very gifted child!
I started to paint my favorite cartoons in different positions. It was only on cards that I offered to colleagues in my class, but with a lot of originality.

As a result, several skills related to visual communication have developed; especially observation, reflection, imagination, etc.
In high school, I had the opportunity to participate in an international competition. I represented my country Morocco among several candidates of different nationalities. The competition was so tough but thanks to the talent wrapped in passion, the prize was Moroccan par excellence. Indeed, my painting allowed me to win the medal.

I found myself in esteem! So there, I was under the obligation to move on to fulfillment, the top of my pyramid.
With a lot of perseverance and good decisions, I was able to overcome it.
First, faced with the great dilemma of choosing a scientific baccalaureate or visual arts course. A question of the future … “Diploma Vs Plaisir”. Here again, Art had all the power to guide me towards a plastic art baccalaureate course which I achieved royally. It was three years of specialization, hard work certainly, but pleasant and useful.

Then, I found myself in the desire to share this pleasure of living with and in Art which filled me completely. Thus, I integrated the associative work for the organization of artistic workshops. It was in parallel with my higher studies made at the higher school of “Fine arts of Casablanca”, then at the school “Info Design”.

The dream that was born in harmony with my Art story becomes bigger and clearer.
But not yet …, With my Diploma in multimedia development, I integrated the vast world of employment initially as a Designer, then as artistic manager and director within several renowned companies and multinationals.
A very formative experience which added to my dream a lot of advantage so that it is at the same time the career with the professionalism and the center of interest and pleasure with the creativity.
It is the creation of my agency specializing in communication.

In 2015, JUSTART finally saw the light of day! So my dream came true with confidence.
And that will continue… .Following the permanent support of my spouse “the soul mate” who accompanied me all along the way so that JUSTART is the Communication agency that you deserve.

It was the history of art which still continues its enchanted path with this young enthusiast and with his team within JUST ART.

And that Passion will take its path towards you to make your dreams come true.

Abdellatif EZZAHIRI
CEO & founder – JUST ART